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In this episode of Live Lesson Thursdays, Aldrine talks about pointer finger vs multiple finger strumming, proper strumming technique, using ukuleles as percussive instruments, and Aldrine's techniques in Bandito Tyler. Also discussed in this episode: Basics of using a loop pedal, gear for performing, how to structure a set list, and how to feel out and connect with an audience.

Questions Asked this Week:
1:50 Do you need to use your pointer finger to strum in Hawaiian music?

9:50 What are the do's and don'ts of using the ukulele as a percussive instrument?

17:05 What percussive techniques do you use in Bandito Tyler?

17:15 Truck backing up. BEEP BEEP BEEP

24:15 How do you use a looper?

34:45 How do you setup for gigs?

References/resources for this video:
Uke Minutes - How to Strum Your Ukulele
Uke Minutes - Tips on Strumming
Ultimate Beginner DVD - How to Strum

James Hill Using Chopsticks to play his Ukulele (YouTube)
Uke Minutes - How to Play Golpe
Uke Minutes - Advanced Golpe (with Craig Chee)

Aldrine playing Bandito Tyler (YouTube)
Uke Minutes - 5 Finger Roll
Uke Minutes - Left Hand Mute
Uke Minutes - Muted Octave Strum
Imua Garza's Master Class (more percussive techniques)

Boss RC-30 Loop Station
Solo Secrets Revealed (learn how to solo over your looped tracks)


  1. Oh man. Thank you so much Aldrine for covering my questions about loopers and performing. I hope there are others who will benefit as much as I have from the instruction and insight you shared. I have a Roland AC-33 amp with a built in looper and a Boss RS-6 dual foot switch but will definitely look into the Boss RC-30 Loop Station. Also your tips about the playlist are very helpful. I’m sure that knowing your audience and situation, and picking the right songs comes with a lot of practice.
    Mahalo again to you and the guys for these great live sessions.

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