Lesson Description

This Week's Live Lesson, Aldrine covers cut time, common time, singing and playing, and the Bm Chord. Also discussed is tremolos, and the Ukulele Festical of Great Britain.

Questions Asked this Week:
3:10 Can you talk about cut time in relation to common time?

10:40 What model of ukulele do you have?

15:40 Do you have some tips for singing and playing at the same time?

23:40 Are you using an open chord during the changes?

28:10 Any tips for holding the Bm chord?

34:15 How do you tremolo in Bodysurfing?

References/resources for this video:
Uke Minutes - Time Signatures
Uke Minutes - 3/4 and 6/8 Time Signatures
Practice Session
UUU Music Theory Week 9: Rhythm and Time

Uke Minutes - Singing and Playing
Singing and Playing Full Course
UUU 101 Week 10: Singing and Playing
Uke Minutes - How to Switch Chords
Strumming and Switching Chords Full Course
Essential Chords Course
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UU+ Solos - Bodysurfing
Uke Minutes - Tremolo
UUU 103 Week 10: Tremolo Picking
Pure Heart - Bodysurfing (HI Sessions)
Kalei's Masterclass
Podcast with Taimane Gardner
Imua Garza's 3 Finger Tremolo

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