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On this week's episode of Live Lesson Thursday, Aldrine talks about avoiding accidental noises and tones and how to get that "Bossa Nova" feel. Also discussed in this lesson: What to look for in a second uke, different tone woods, and sending us videos for technique checks.

2:55 How do you avoid unintentional pull offs?

9:40 Truck backing up. (Beep, Beep)

10:45 Any tips for the feel of Bossa Nova?

19:30 Why do you use a koa uke? What would you suggest for a second ukulele?

29:30 Do you play low G ukulele and when?

References/resources for this video:
Uke Lesson 99 - Little Wing
Uke Minutes - Picking Tone
Uke Minutes - Picking Dynamics
Uke Minutes - Pull Offs and Hammer Pulls

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Uke Minutes - Left Hand Mute
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  1. Wow, I loved the Bossa Nova demo you. The sound is so chimey, glowing, soft and beautiful. Amazing. Very fun to try also. Thanks!

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