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This week's Live Lesson was light on questions and served as more of a casual hangout with the guys. Aldrine got the ball rolling by briefly reviewing the chunk and asking his two handsome sidekicks how they first started to use the technique. Then Aldrine talked about the benefits of practicing both acoustically and plugged in, and Aaron offered some sage advice about always being nice to the sound man. The guys discussed the future plans for Ukulele Underground University, and shed some light on the UU merch situation. We wrapped up this very casual Live Lesson with a customary food conversation on the current state of girl scout cookies.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:45 The "Shaka" Chunk

5:00 How did you first start to chunk?

10:55 Do you practice acoustically or plugged in?

19:55 Are you going to update all the courses like you are doing for Ukulele 101?

27:00 How many more Ukulele 101 lessons will there be?

29:05 Where can I buy Ukulele Underground T-shirts?

References/resources for this video:

Ukulele 101 (2017) - Rhythm Ear Training
Uke Minutes - How to Chunk

Youtube - Drifting (Joey Calfa)

Website - Analysis Plus Cables

Ukulele 101 (Redone) - Archives

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