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This week, we discuss avoiding unwanted pull offs, diminished chords and the split strum. We also talk about triplet strums, replacing chords with diminished chords, and incorporating different technique styles into songs.

This Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - Second Beat Emphasis

Next Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - Triplet Strum

Last Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - How to Chunk

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:00 How do you avoid unintentional pull offs while playing at higher frets?

6:40 Can you explain how to play Bdim7, Fdim7, and Ddim7?

10:10 Where would you play Diminished Chords?

16:10 How do you incorporate techniques like the split strum into old timey music?

35:15 Can you show us the Hawaiian version of the split strum (aka the triplet strum)?

References/resources for this video:
UU+ Solo Song Lesson - Canon in D
Uke Minutes - Pull Offs and Hammer Pulls
Last Week's Live Lesson - Where we talked about keeping your finger in the fret.
Uke Minutes - Major Scale Sweeps
Uke Minutes - Diminished Chords
Music Theory - Full Course
Music Theory Course - Diminished and Augmented Chords
Beginner Chord Chart
Imua Garza's Master Class "The Helicopter" Similar to the Split Strum and Triplet Strum
Uke Lesson - Rhythm of Love
Uke Lesson - Waimanalo Blues
Uke Lesson - One Note Samba (Instrumental)
Ukulele 101 - Reggae Strums
Uke Minutes - Advanced Reggae Strumming
Uke Minutes - How to Roll on the Ukulele
Uke Minutes - How to Chunk
Uke Lesson - Drop Baby Drop
Ukulelezaza's Youtube Channel (The Person who Taught Aldrine the Split Strum)

Matt's Basic Strumming Course on UU+
Matt's Full Course
Matt's Webinar

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    1. Glad you like it! There is a wealth of knowledge tucked away in the Live Lessons, and we do our best to make it easily accessible. If you ever have a question you would like answered on the Thursday Live Lesson, THIS is probably the best place to leave it. Or feel free to join us LIVE and ask your questions directly in the chat. We hope to see you there or at the Aloha Friday Jam!

      -Kira (& the UU Staff)

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