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The guys are back from their uke cruise and ready for more Live Lesson action. Aldrine kicks things off with a question about second beat emphasis. He explains when to use the thumb to strum, and demonstrates the invisible pick. Aldrine quickly goes over the backing chords for "Body Surfing" before talking about the Ukulele Cruise and the Denver Uke Fest. The guys wrap up the lesson with a spirited conversation about their favorite ukulele players. Kahai names some of the current big hitters of the uke world, while Aaron leans toward the young gun, up-and-comers, and Aldrine struggles to pick from players of all genres and generations.

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:15 Why do you use your pointer finger to play a second beat emphasis?

11:15 How long have you been playing the ukulele?

14:00 Chords for Bodysurfing

19:40 How was the cruise?

26:00 Where can you buy shirts and the new strings?

28:30 Will you be doing more Hawaiian lessons?

30:50 Denver Uke Fest

41:05 How do you get a good sound on the 7th fret harmonic?

45:50 Do Corey Fujimoto and Kalei Gamiao use a steady picking pattern while playing melody centered instrumentals?

54:40 Top 3 favorite ukulele players

References/resources for this video:
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Uke Minutes - One Handed Harmonics
Uke Lesson - Little Wing

Youtube - Kalei Gamiao
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