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We are back in action after a quick turkey hiatus. We covered a lot of ground, discussing the use of metronomes and capos, reviewing a tech check on chunking, exploring the application of chromatic scales, and trouble shooting a song that seems to be tripping up a lot of people. Aldrine offers some suggestions on what to focus on after the completion of our solo secrets revealed course. He also explains how chromatic scales can add color to the melody line and act as the "paprika" to your playing. Speaking of spicing things up, Aldrine persuades our renaissance man, Aaron (the Voice), to reveal his secret to cooking eggs. Yes, we even discuss how to cook eggs because what Live Lesson would be complete without a little food related tangent.

This Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - Chromatic Scales
Last Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - Slack Key Tuning

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:35 Why is practicing with the metronome the best and worst thing?

6:45 Do you have any tips for switching chords in the key of B?

12:15 Tech check for chunking

17:20 How do you sing while strumming for songs like "Imagine"?

30:10 Should I focus on memorizing scales after Solo Secrets Revealed?

32:25 Chromatic Scales

42:00 Can you play chords chromatically?

References/resources for this video:

Absolute Beginner Course - Keeping the Rhythm

Uke Minutes - How To Hold Barre Chords
Uke Minutes - Moveable Chord Shapes
Ukulele Webcam Sessions - How to Swtich Chords Faster

Uke Minutes - How to Chunk

Uke Lesson - Imagine (John Lennon)
Ukulele 101 - Singing and Playing at the Same Time
Uke Minutes - Singing and Playing
Uke Minutes - Hammer-On Chords
Ukulele Webcam Sessions - Better Changes with the Open Switch

Improvement System - Solo Secrets Revealed
Thursday Live Lesson - Last Week's Replay (Aldrine talks about how you can make the most of the information in Solo Secrets Revealed)

Uke Minutes - Chromatic Scales
Ukulele 102 - Basic Exercises (The Worm)
UU+ Solos - Bandito Tyler
Youtube - Don Miguel
Ukulele University - Blues
Uke Minutes - Blues Scales
Uke Minutes - Minor Pentatonic Scales
Aloha Friday Jam - Replay (Noho Pai Pai)

Aloha Friday Jam Live
Aloha Friday Jam Replays

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