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This week's Live Lesson is brimming with awesome questions. The guys cover topics ranging from the chunk to transposing with extensions. Aldrine talks about the basics of strumming and revisits the elusive Bb chord. Aaron spills the beans and reveals some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to movable chord shapes, and Kahai talks about understanding the patterns of music rather than memorizing every fret, note, and chord. The guys also discuss some of the exciting new features within UU, and Aldrine shares why he feels the new open mic sessions are so beneficial. Bottom line: "learn your music good", and share it with others.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:50 Various ways to chunk

11:20 What's going on with the open mic sessions?

19:20 How far is your strumming palm from the front of the ukulele?

26:40 How do you practice transitional and more difficult chords?

41:50 When tranposing to a different key, do you keep the extensions?

44:25 How do you prevent your thumb from muting the G string?

47:00 How do you play Bb with 3 fingers?

50:30 Any plans to have "live" student reviews?

References/resources for this video:
Uke Minutes - How to Chunk
Ukulele 101 - Rhythm Ear Training (Aldrine teaches the chunk)
Live Lesson - Replay (Pain from practice)

UU+ Forum - Open Mic

Ukulele 100 - Lesson 1 (How to hold the ukulele)

Uke Minutes - Movable Chord Shapes
Uke Minutes - Movable 7th Chord Shapes
Music Theory - Simple Chord Extensions
Music Theory - Diminished and Augmented Chords

Live Lesson - Replay (Aldrine talks about how to transpose songs)

Uke Minutes - Mastering Difficult Chords
Live Lesson - Replay (Aldrine gives some tips for holding the Bb chord)

Aloha Friday Jam Live
Aloha Friday Jam Replays

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  1. Hmm. I think I need to send a video in. I reckon my form’s not been right. I’ve never played with the side of my finger because when I’ve heard that my fingers should be pointing towards me I’ve been pointing my fingertips towards me rather than just the side of my nail. It would also explain why my cuticles have been getting caught when chunking. hmm.

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