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This week's lesson was all about that tech. Aldrine kicked things off by demonstrating how to easily switch from Em to Bm, which lead us to a lively discussion about straps. We took a brief detour and discussed short nails and ways to troubleshoot strumming with them. Aldrine shared some of his more creative solutions to quickly deal with both short nails and straps. Then we dove into tech talk. Aldrine gives his honest opinion on various straps, pickups, and DI's. Before finishing, we quickly touched on scales and how to incorporate them to better learn the fretboard.

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Questions Asked this Week:
5:10 How do you switch from Em to Bm?

11:35 How do you maintain support while switching chords?

13:20 What can you do if you need to keep your nails short?

19:55 If someone struggles with support, should they buy a strap?

26:05 What is the best key for a guitar and ukulele duo?

27:55 Clip on straps vs two point contact straps.

29:55 Can you have both a strap peg and an under saddle pickup?

30:30 Passive pickups

32:30 How do you fix buzzing from wires inside the ukulele?

35:05 What pickup would you recommend?

40:10 What pickup do you use?

41:25 How does the 1/4 inch jack support a strap?

46:00 What DI do you use?

51:45 What is the difference between a strap peg and a jack?

57:10 How do you practice scales with the best finger positioning?

1:02:35 Will installing a pickup affect the sound of an instrument?

1:03:25 When are your strings coming out?

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  1. I love that you add the questions and times here. That really helped me to go back and find something that I had only vaguely recalled from the first listen (something about scales and boxes). I found the reference and the answer I needed, which was to go to solo secrets revealed. Then you give me the links I need. This is advanced hyperlinking! Thanks for being so organized about running UU+

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