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This time on Live Lesson Thursday, Aldrine talks about practicing your scales by using them as chord extensions for songs that you already play. Also discussed in this lesson: figuring out what key a song is in, "chord families" and chords that sound good together, requesting songs for UU lessons, using fake nails for your ukulele strumming hand, explaining the music theory behind chord inversions, and practicing new chord fingerings. Also this is the last Live Lesson Thursday for 2015 - we'll be back with another Live Lesson Thursday on January 7th, 2016. Have a very happy holiday season, keep those ukulele questions coming, and we'll see you in the new year with much, much more ukulele for you to play and enjoy!

Questions Asked this Week:
1:30 Using scales to experiment with chord extensions.

12:25 Experimenting with different voicings to become a better player.

18:00 Figuring out the key based on chord families.

23:15 Truck backing up. BEEP!

23:30 Aldrine talks about our song selection process for lessons.

31:30 Can you explain inverted chords?

36:00 Is there a way to learn new chord fingerings?

41:20 What is the difference between a diminished and a diminished 7th?

Resources for this video:
Uke Minutes - Chord Families
UUU Music Theory for Ukulele - Chord Families (Week 7)
A printable Circle of Fifths and How To Use the Circle of Fifths
Lesson request website - Lesson Underground
New UU+ Solos Lesson - TNC (Troy Fernandez)


  1. Sometimes I think you guys are reading my mind. I’ve been working on more interesting ways to transition between chords and this fits in perfectly. Thanks!

  2. How is it I keep forgetting it’s Thursday until it’s too late? =( I’m going to have to set myself a reminder…

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