Lesson Description

On this Live Lesson Thursday, Aldrine talks about learning from Tracy Terada (a future guest on the UU Video Podcast series), adding "human-ness" to your ukulele playing through phrasing and attack, and how to approach the ukulele as an instrument for expression. Also discussed: the new Chat function for UU+ members, how to hold your ukulele depending on the type of chord, sending in questions in video and photo format, using 3 or 4 fingers for arpeggios and fingerpicking, using your thumb for flat picking, and experimenting with different strings.

No Live Lesson next week (Nov. 26th) - Aldrine will be in Korea for All That Ukulele, but we'll be back for December! Have fun & keep strummin'


  1. OMG!!!! I sent in a video and the feedback was incredible. I used the feedback and noticed a big difference in the first 15 minutes of applying it. I was getting very frustrated with my playing and now have a renewed excitement and am optimistic for the future.
    Thank you Aldrine.

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