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Aldrine kicked off this week's lesson by discussing the benefits of learning music theory. He explained how a few concepts such as scale shapes and chord families can help with transposing, writing and figuring out songs. We took a fun detour when Aldrine actually had a question for the guys about their favorite ukulele accessories and gift ideas for ukulele players. Aaron pondered the mystery of the missing tuner, and Kahai went the techie route by suggesting a headphone or clip-on amp. The majority of the lesson was spent on student reviews, Aldrine and the guys were very happy with what they saw, their general feedback was to focus on timing and consistency. We wrapped up the lesson with the weekly challenge and a couple of questions about metronomes.

We also announced the winner of the student reviews contest, and Aldrine laid out the guidelines for yet another contest. So here's the deets, the general idea is the same, the contest is based on student reviews. The winner will be chosen at random and will receive a capo, tuner, and a 30 minute private skype lesson with Aldrine. But this is where Aldrine switched it up: each student review counts as one entry, so the more student reviews you submit, the higher your chances are of winning. The contest is open till the first Thursday of February so start pumping out those student reviews!

This Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - Strum to Fingerpicking

Last Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - Fingerpicking Rhythm

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:15 What concepts of music theory should I commit to memory?

12:35 Will there be flamenco or jazz style UU+ Solos?

16:50 What is your favorite ukulele accessory?

24:10 Student Reviews

52:05 Weekly Challenge

1:00:10 What is a good BPM to practice with on the metronome?

1:03:35 What type of metronome should I use?

References/resources for this video:

UU University - Music Theory
Music Theory - Circle of Fifths (Chord Families)
Printout - Circle of Fifths Wheel
Improvement System - Solo Secrets Revealed
Solo Secrets Revealed - Chord Families
Uke Minutes - Chord Families
Solo Secrets Revealed - Combining Scale Shapes
Uke Lesson - Wonderful Tonight

UU+ Solos - Malagueña (Baritone Ukulele Arrangement)
List of Instrumental Song Lessons

Thursday Live Lesson - Replay (At 53:40 Aldrine uses a metronome to practice)
Thursday Live Lesson - Replay (Aldrine talks more about practicing with a metronome)
Absolute Beginner Course - Keeping the Rhythm
uu+ Solos - Carol of the Bells
uu+ Solos - Guava Jam
Aloha Friday Jam Replays

Uke Minutes - How to Chunk
Online Metronome

Ukulele Accessories
Clip On Ukulele Strap
Clip On Tuner
Headphone Amp
Micro Amp

Aloha Friday Jam Live
Post Videos to Student Review
Live Lesson Questions in the UU+ Forum
Send Questions to Questions@ukuleleunderground.com

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