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In this episode of Live Lesson Thursdays, Aldrine talks about different time signatures, string recommendations, and matching strings to your instrument. Also discussed is using lemon oil to clean your ukulele, Aldrine's signature strings, how to chunk, and practicing chunks.

Questions Asked this Week:
2:00 Different time signatures.

15:20 Do you have any recommendations for high G tenor strings? Do strings actually make a difference?

25:30 Any tips for chunking? How do you practice it?

30:00 What do you use to clean your ukulele?

31:50 Do you think carbon fiber ukes are worth the price?

35:10 Pair the voice of your ukulele with the right strings.

41:30 Is there an alternate fingering for the Bb Chord?

44:35 How do I go from playing beginner songs to intermediate songs?

References/resources for this video:
Uke Minutes - Time Signatures
Uke Minutes - 3/4 and 6/8 Time Signatures
Uke Minutes - 5/4 Time Signatures
Music Theory For Ukulele - Week 9: Rhythm and Time

Pro Arte Tenor Strings on the UU Store
Pro Arte Concert Strings
Titanium Tenor Strings
Titanium Concert Strings
All D' Addario Strings
GHS Strings
Aquila Strings
Lemon Oil

Uke Minutes - How to Chunk
Ukulele 101 - Week 4: Chunking

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