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On this Week's Live Lesson, Aldrine covers strumming faster and more consistently, how to practice your thumb picking and how to arrange chord melodies. Also discussed is using an acrylic nail for picking, exercising your left hand for chords, Aldrine's signature strings from Aquila, and different Flamenco techniques. Sorry, the stream starts 2 minutes in.

Questions Asked this Week:
4:05 How do you strum really fast?

17:20 How do you strum all of the strings consistently when you strum fast?

19:05 How do yo improve thumb picking?

22:05 Do acrylic nails sound different for strumming?

28:05 How do you get your ring finger to move independently from your middle?

34:45 How do you add chord melodies to a song?

46:30 When will your strings be released in the UK?

50:20 Will your strings be in any other color besides green?

51:45 How do your stings compare to T2's?

53:10 Why do you prefer re-entrant tuning?

56:05 Are your strings only for re-entrant tuning?

58:05 Can you show some flamenco strumming techniques?

References/resources for this video:
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