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Recently we've been having a blast (from the past!) reviewing some basic concepts for beginners. This time on Uke Minutes, Aldrine revisits the basic strum and how to get started strumming your ukulele. Remember to keep your strumming finger relaxed and really work on grazing your strings lightly to get an even tone. To check out the original "Basic Strum" episode of Uke Minutes (from waaay back in January of 2008), check out Uke Minutes 2!

And for more Strumming Tips, click over to Uke Minutes 151 to get your strum on. Have an amazing uke-tacular weekend, folks. Keep strummin'!

-UU Staff


  1. My uke comes in tomorrow! i cant wait to start practicing! Weird question… Where can i get that shirt? Its fantastic and happy!

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