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This week, Matt Dahlberg was kind enough to jump in for Aldrine, who was away in China. Matt kicked things off by talking about some tips and tricks to improve chord switching while strumming. He demonstrates one of his favorite techniques to embellish chord switches by utilizing hammer-ons. Then Matt offers some great advice on a variety of topics; including improving your hammer-on technique, increasing speed by actually slowing things down, and learning the language of improvising.

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Questions Asked this Week:

8:50 Open switch technique

17:25 What course did you teach on UU?

18:15 How do you make hammer-ons louder and cleaner?

19:30 How do you separate the middle and ring finger when doing the sweep (fan stroke)?

21:55 How do you hammer-on the first fret?

23:50 What wood is your sound board made from?

26:05 Do you teach private lessons?

27:55 How do you transition in and out of the split stroke to other techniques?

32:00 Any suggestions to develop speed?

36:15 How can someone work on improvisational techniques?

39:55 What are the applications of modes?

43:05 How do you improvise a solo?

43:45 What correction do you give most to new players?

49:25 Do harmonics only work on the 12th fret?

50:40 Do you have a course that covers thumb positioning for holding the uke?

References/resources for this video:
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Uke Minutes - How to Roll on the Ukulele
Thursday Live Lesson - Replay (Aldrine talks about the split stroke)
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Full Course - Solo Secrets Revealed
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