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This week's Thursday Live Lesson covers a range of topics; ukulele sizes, and going back to the basics are the primary themes. First off, Aldrine demonstrates step by step, how to hold the ukulele. Then we briefly discuss tuning tools, and the preferred method for tuning by ear. A question about holding the Gsus4 chord, leads to a "tiny" demo on an even tinier ukulele. After Aldrine has some fun fiddling around with Manny's uke, the guys talk about common beginner problems. Aldrine emphasizes the importance of good rhythm, Kahai warns against rushing past the fundamentals, and Aaron sings some off beat "Heart and Soul". Aldrine shares some behind the scenes stories about his recording sessions, and quickly talks about loopers. We finish with more uke size talk, as Aldrine goes over the pros and cons of the tenor vs concert ukulele.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:05 How do you adjust supporting you uke? (Soprano to Tenor)

9:55 When tuning by ear, what do you use to find your reference note?

14:05 Any suggestion for playing the Gsus4 chord?

19:35 What beginner problems should you avoid?

26:00 Do you use a click track when you record music?

27:50 Is a looper a good tool for practicing?

31:00 Is posture important for playing ukulele?

34:05 Would it be difficult to switch from a concert to a tenor? What are the pros and cons?

References/resources for this video:
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Ukulele 101 - Basic Ear Training

Uke Minutes - Suspended Chords

Absolute Beginner Course - Keeping the Rhythm
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Absolute Beginner Course - Strumming with Rhythm

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Youtube - Aldrine's Burrito Song

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