1. I was thinking , as I was driving and humming Guava jam ( the song that I am working on learning) , wouldn’t it be great if you folks did an album or two of Aldrene covering all these songs that we are practicing, and learning. I know your plates are full, but I would love to be able to listen, when I don’t have access to my ukulele.
    Any thoughts?
    Mahal Betsy

  2. Very helpful thank you. I did check out the slow downs before asking but was still having a lot of trouble.

  3. Betsy, it’s the same for me. The ‘ukulele takes me home and I love playing the Hawaiian music solos in particular. Glad to hear others are interested as well.

    I bought a couple of video lessons from Troy Fernandez which have been really awesome to learn from, but it does take a lot more work to learn — backing up and replaying measure-by-measure in slow-motion to figure parts of it. The UU guys sure do spoil us with the quality of their lessons, breaking it down for us part-by-part and I always look forward to the next lesson to come up, especially when it’s Hawaiian-style music, but really have enjoyed all of them and like the variety too.


  4. I really love the hawaiian solos , so more of those would be awesome! Brings me home. Makes me happy! The classicals are great. I am not a singer, solos , any kine are great! Mahalo for your th thoughtfulness

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