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This week's Thursday Live Lesson was a lightning round of questions. We covered everything from alternate chord shapes and warm ups, to ukulele accoutrements and carrying cases. Aldrine shared some tips for playing barre chords, and demonstrated how to play clearly on smaller frets. We discusses dirty fret boards and when to clean them. We ended with a few questions regarding scales and how to utilize them to become a better uke player.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:00 What is the standard for tablature (TAB)?

5:30 Why can I play Bb on one ukulele but not another?

8:30 Any tips to play the Bb chord?

10:30 How do you hold barre chords?

15:20 Why do you use your middle finger and thumb to play the chorus of Bodysurfing?

17:15 How often should I clean my uke?

19:30 Alternate G chord shape

24:40 How do you keep your left hand relaxed?

25:35 How do you play cleanly in the smaller frets?

27:15 Where are the things that you had hanging from your headstock?

28:45 What type of carrying case is best for travel?

30:50 What right hand finger picking pattern would be best for scales, especially to practice soloing?

34:20 How do you make scales sound more fluid?

References/resources for this video:

Ultimate Beginner DVD - Reading Tabs and Chord Sheets
Webcam Sessions with Matt - How to Read Tabs
Uke Minutes - How to Read Tabs

Ukulele 101 -More Chords (At 6:35 Aldrine give more tips on how to hold the Bb chord)

Uke Minutes - How To Hold Barre Chords

UU+ Solos - Bodysurfing

Uke Minutes - How to Clean Your Fretboard

Webcam Sessions - How to Switch Chords (Matt talks about using alternate chord shapes)
Uke Minutes - Diminished Chords

Master Class - Chris Salvador demonstrates various warm ups
Ukulele 102 - Basic Exercises

Thursday Live Lesson - Replay (at 32:05 Aldrine talks more about playing on higher frets)

Instagram - Mason with his ukulele hanger

Website - Mono Ukulele Cases

Improvement Systems - Solo Secrets Revealed
Improvement Systems - Practice Sessions
Uke Minutes - Major Scales
Uke Minutes - Minor Scales

Aloha Friday Jam Live
Aloha Friday Jam Replays

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