Lesson Description

For this Week's Live Lesson, Aldrine covers rolls, strumming dynamics and strumming rhythms. Also discussed is using rolls in Hawaiian music, how to exercise your roll, and alternatives to the roll.

Questions Asked this Week:

2:30 How to do a roll.

10:10 Can the roll be used in Hawaiian music?

11:15 Do you roll one finger at a time or all at once?

13:10 Strumming Dynamics

19:40 Do you use your nail or flesh on the upstrum?

28:35 Can you roll starting with your pointer first and ending with your pinky?

31:45 Would a roll be considered a triplet note?

36:00 Can you replace rolls with drag strums?

References/resources for this video:
Strumming and Switching Chords Course
Uke Minutes - The Roll
Uke Minutes - Strumming Dynamics

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