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Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Tabs on Ukulele Underground (02:30)
Lessons With Tabs:
Uke Lesson 84 – The Christmas Song
Uke Lesson 85 – Fly Me To The Moon
Uke Minutes About Tabs:
Uke Minutes 30 – How To Read Tabs
Uke Minutes 32 – Basic Tab Notation
Uke Minutes 70 – Working with Tabs
Uke Minutes 71 – Musical Direction
Uke Minutes 72 – Musical Direction II
OLGA's Wikipedia

The Importance of Phrasing (06:45)

Tabs as a Guide or Reference (10:45)

Finding the Right Person to Tab Ukulele Underground (15:45)

Possibly Doing Lesson Printouts (20:45)

Figuring out New Things to Put on Ukulele Underground (23:00)

UU Team Working (26:25)

UU+ Solos and the Monthly Lesson (29:20)
UU+ Solos – Romance d’Amour
Uke Lesson 91 – No Woman No Cry

Live Lesson as a Behind the Scenes (33:35)
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Aldrine's Idea of Arrangement Breakdowns (35:45)
Bandito Tyler in the UU Store
Bandito Tyler in the Itunes Store
Kyle Furusho's Duos

Why We Don't Instruct What Fingers You Should Use (42:04)


  1. This was really interesting. It is amazing how committed you guys are and how seriously and deeply you think through the various requests for content that come in. I will just echo what seems to have been being said by people who were listening live; the content on the site right now is SO AMAZING! I pinch myself every day when I sit down to practice knowing that I can bring up UU and choose from the outrageous array of super high quality instruction that is currently available. Personally I do not miss tab at all…it is not what I come to UU for. I do understand that it would be a welcome addition for several reasons but I just want to say that what is available right now on your site is ridiculously wonderful and kind of miraculous. Keep it up guys! The generosity and good cheer that infuses everything you do is such a gift. Your hard work is so evident and very much appreciated. Cheers!

    1. Hey maple,

      thank you for checking out the live lesson. We’re glad to hear you’re using and enjoying the content on the site. If you happen to think of any suggestions, we would love to hear them. Just let us know in the forum or shoot us an email Thanks again.

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