Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

Vibrato (01:15)
Uke Minutes 101 – Ukulele Vibrato
Uke Lesson 26 – Europa
Patrick and Aldrine Duos - Europa

Making Sure Notes are Played Clean (06:00)
Bruce Shimabukuro on Playing Clean

Thumb VS Pointer Finger (08:45)
Andrew Molina
Troy Fernandez
Chris Salvador
Chris' Masterclass
Kalei Gamiao
Kalei's Masterclass
Pure Heart
Roy Sakuma

When to use Vibrato (13:15)

Using Vibratos to Sound like a Singer (15:35)

Keeping your Finger Still During the Vibrato (17:55)

Side to Side VS Up and Down Vibrato (19:05)

Vibrato to Add More Expression (20:05)

Vibrato Coming from Violin Players (21:35)

Adjusting Tone for Different Situations (23:15)
Kyle Furusho

The Alchemist Podcast and Things Coming up on Ukulele Underground (00:00)
UU Podcast: Motivational Series 2 – The Alchemist (part 1)
Common Major Key Charts
Solo Sercrets Revealed
UU+ Solos – Romance d’Amour


  1. 1:15 “Wiggle” fingers — vibrato, sustain and adding expression
    6:05 Playing melody notes crisply and clearly vs. the notes in a chord in the background
    8:52 Thumb vs. fingers for picking
    13:30 When to use vibrato?
    18:00 Vibrato technique: finger pressure
    21:30 Using different parts of finger/thumb vs. nail to compliment the sound of other instruments
    27:30 Part 2 of The Alchemist podcast?
    30:40 Aldrine out — content coming out on Thursdays in place of the Live Lessons
    31:21 Common major key scales PDF in Resource Section of UU+

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