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Aldrine started this week's lesson by discussing the importance of ear training. He asked the guys how they go about tuning using different octaves which lead to a conversation pondering the abstract concept of octaves. We switched gears a bit when Aldrine brought up using chords to evoke different emotions. That opened the floodgates and the guys had a blast sharing their views on composing music, and breaking down some of their favorite songs. Aldrine wrapped up the lesson with some insight on one of his original songs, and some announcements.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:40 Will we ever see the other guys on camera?

5:45 How do you tune using different octaves?

7:00 Parallel Octaves

19:40 Using chords to evoke emotions.

30:55 What does chromatic mean?

31:50 Is a chromatic scale played only on one string?

References/resources for this video:

Ukulele 101 - Week 2 Replay

Uke Minutes - Muted Octave Strum (Also Known as Parallel Octaves)

Uke Minutes - Chord Families
Solo Secrets Revealed - Chord Families

Youtube - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Uke Lesson - Little Wing
Youtube - While My Guitar Gentle Weeps

Uke Minutes - Chromatic Scales

Youtube - Don Miguel
ITunes - Bandito Tyler Album

Aloha Friday Jam Live
Aloha Friday Jam Replays

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