Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

What is Tapping and does it Replace another technique? (01:20)
Uke Minutes 21 – Tapping!

Tapping in Eruption Solo (04:40)
Eddie Van Halen - Eruption Solo

Arpeggios (05:50)
Uke Minutes 58 – Arpeggios

Tapping in place of Chords (08:50)

Double Tapping (10:50)

Tapping as Chord Extensions (11:55)

Triplets with Tapping (14:45)
Jake Shimabukuro - Dragon

Tapping is Hard on the Ukulele (17:00)

Pressure Needed to Tap (17:40)

Examples of Tapping (19:55)
Andy Mckee - Drifting
Sungha Jung - Harmonize
Joey Calfa - Cover of Drifting on Ukulele

Tapping Harmonics (22:50)
Fulare Pad - Tokonatsu

Tapping with 4 or more Notes (25:00)

Practicing with the Circle of Fifths (26:35)
Circle of Fifths Printout

Movable Chord Shapes (29:45)
Uke Minutes 17 – Movable Chord Shapes
Essential Chords Course
Solo Secrets Revealed

Fifth Chord Practice (31:00)

Arpeggio From No Woman No Cry (36:30)
Uke Lesson 91 - No Woman No Cry
Uke Minutes 22 – Pluck Strum

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