Lesson Description

This week on Live Lesson Thursday, Aldrine talks about the prototype for his new signature strings, tips for restringing your ukulele, and general ukulele maintenance. Also discussed in this lesson: ukulele pickups, direct input (DI) Boxes, cables and options for amplifying your ukulele.

Questions Asked this Week:
3:05 Aldrine talks about cleaning his uke.

5:20 What do you use to clean the UV finish on your uke?

9:40 Aldrine talks about changing his strings.

16:00 How maintain gears.

19:30 How do your strings feel compared to Pro Artes?

26:15 How do you control your volume when you perform?

37:45 Aldrine talks about Analysis Plus Cables

Resources for this video:
Uke Minutes - How to Restring Your Ukulele
Uke Minutes - How To Clean Your Fretboard (Lemon Oil)
Uke Minutes - How to Remove Scratches (Rubbing Compound)

Direct Input Boxes
LR Baggs - Venue DI (Active Direct Box)
Radial - JDI (Passive Direct Box)

Mi-Si Air Pickup (UU NAMM 2016 Interview)

Analysis Plus Cables
Zaolla Silverline Cables


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