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In this week's Lesson, Aldrine gets the ball rolling by explaining how often strings need to be changed and the different signs that indicate it's time to restring. He offers some great advice to help with soloing during an unfamiliar song, including sticking to "safe notes", following the rhythm, and using clues to figure out the key. After a bit of music theory, we jump into this week's challenge. Aldrine reviews the often overlooked technique of vibratos, and talks about the benefits of incorporating them, such as increasing sustain, feeling rhythm, and adding expressive tone. He also demonstrates the mini bend which can be used as a substitute. No Thursday Live Lesson would feel complete without at least one off the wall tangent, so we close things up with a discussion about ukulele parlor tricks.

This Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - Vibrato

Last Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - How to Bend a Note

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Questions Asked this Week:
4:25 How often should you change your strings?

10:05 How do you prepare to play a solo during a song you are unfamiliar with?

22:10 How do you know what mode to use?

23:55 When is the middle mode useful?

24:45 Vibratos

32:50 Would you vibrato more at the end of the phrase?

34:00 Can you lengthen the amount of sustain by doing a vibrato faster or slower?

34:55 Mini Bends

39:45 Can you combine other techniques with the vibrato or mini bend?

41:15 Can you move the entire ukulele to get a vibrato?

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