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In this week's lesson Aldrine talks about unwanted pull offs, and de-mystifies the concept of modes vs scales. The majority of the conversation focuses on songs. A question about keeping rhythm leads down a rabbit hole of various song and what goes into recording them. Aldrine also offers some tips for specific parts of a few of our song lessons.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:25 How do you avoid unwanted pull offs?

5:40 How do you transition from the intro to the first chord of Waiting in Vain?

10:40 What is the difference between D mode and D minor scale?

17:20 What is an advanced way to practice scales and speed up your playing?

23:45 How do you play the hammer-pull-slide in Amazing Grace?

27:00 How do you keep consistent rhythm during a long song?

33:40 How many parts are in "Senior Victor"?

36:66 How many takes did you do when recording Bandito Tyler?

References/resources for this video:
Thursday Live Lesson - Replay (Aldrine talks more about unwanted pull offs)

Uke Lesson - Waiting in Vain

Solo Secrets Revealed - C Modes
Uke Minutes - The Box (Part 1)
Uke Minutes - The Box (Part 2)
Improvement Systems - Solo Secrets Revealed
Instagram - Ryo Natoyama

Uke Lesson - Amazing Grace
Uke Minutes - Pull Offs and Hammer Pulls
Uke Minutes - Hammer-Pull Exercises
Webinar - Deconstructing Chord Melodies

Website - Online Metronome
Website - Garage Band

Youtube - Senor Victor
UU+Solos - Bandito Tyler
Youtube - Dragon (Jake Shimabukuro)

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Ticket to Cruise
Denver Uke Fest

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