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In this week's Live Lesson, the guys talk about Wristy Business when holding the uke, Aaron's Canon in D dilemma, and the Ukulele Golden Boy (AKA Jake Shimabukuro). First up, Aldrine answers a question about the One String-Two String technique, then he talks about the basics of holding the ukulele and acceptable wrist movement. Next, Aldrine shares an exercise he has been using to practice his soloing. A question about smoothing out a chord switch, leads to Aldrine gushing over Jake's genius, while an incredulous Kahai admires Jake's graciousness. The guys wrap up with a conversation about analyzing songs, before going over some quick announcements.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:05 Can you use two fingers for the "One String Two Sting" technique?

13:00 How do you switch from C to Am while supporting you ukulele?

22:40 Aldrine shares an exercise for fluid soloing.

30:30 While soloing do you need to switch your scale every time the chord changes?

36:45 Do you have any tips for switching between the two G7's in "We Belong Together"?

41:35 Aldrine talks about Jake Shimabukuro.

51:05 The importance of analyzing songs.

References/resources for this video:
Uke Minutes - One String Two String

Ukulele 100 - Lesson 2
Basic Strum Course - How to Hold Your Ukulele

Youtube - A Night in Tunisia (Chaka Khan)
Improvement System - Solo Secrets Revealed
Live Lesson Replay - Aldrine talks about the white belt, black belt mentality at 29:30.

UU+ Solos - We Belong Together

Youtube - Jake Shimabukuro plays "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Website - Jake Shimabukuro
Website - Peace Love Ukulele Book

Youtube - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (The Beatles)

Aloha Friday Jam Live
Aloha Friday Jam Replays

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  1. Hi guys I’ve been watching videos of Herb Otha jr (hope I spelled it right). Absolutely amazed by his playing. Would love to know the steps and order of things that Aldrine and the rest of the underground stars learned as you grew to be the players and performers you are today . Also I’m planning a Hawaiian holiday in the next 18 months to 2years, do you allow visitors to your studios,if you do which island are you based on would love to meet you guys in person.
    Thanks for all the great work. Tony987

  2. Hi guys I’ve watched the replay of the Thursday live lesson, was like a little kid when I heard my name mentioned for the chord changes in Valerie. I’ve been practicing it slowly and it is coming along, I’ve mixed in the alternative chords you suggested and having fun with it. Some of the topics were a bit above my skill level but I did understand what you were saying and found it very interesting. Thanks for all your hard work really happy to be a member.

  3. Thanks for the advice on keeping the heck in that “pillow”. I was starting there but when things got faster, I noticed I was slipping and bringing more of my hand forward leaving just my thumb on the back of the neck. Much appreciated! Laurie

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