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On this week's episode of Live Lesson Thursdays, Aldrine goes over the concept of vamps (turnarounds) in Hawaiian Music, what it is used for, and what chords they're commonly made up of. Also discussed: the Circle of 5ths, adding picking in between chords, hammering on chords, adding strumming flourishes, keeping the rhythm, and Ukulele Underground's new chat function for UU+ members.

For more on Hawaiian music, check out the Uke Minutes on Hawaiian Vamps and the UUU series, Hawaiian Ukulele


  1. Really great guys! I had a ah ha moment on the circle of fifths in the vamps. Thank you! Wish you could make a workshop in Modesto, California area some day in the future 🙂 . Loved my purchase from the merch store!! Note and extra goodies were great!
    Mahalo nui

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