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This week, Aldrine talks about diligent practicing, practicing without an ukulele, and playing barre chords without your hand getting tired. Also discussed is playing multiple strings on the higher frets, if fingernail noise is ok, and the chunk.

This Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - How to Chunk

Next Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - Second Beat Emphasis

Last Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - Singing and Fingerpicking at the Same Time

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:15 Any tips on how to be a disciplined student?

13:45 Elaborating on Scale Practices and Modes.

18:05 Are there exercises you can do when you don't have access to your uke?

23:00 How do you play Barre Chords without your hand cramping?

31:00 How do you evenly hold two strings down when you are playing on higher frets?

39:40 Is it bad to hear your "Fingernail" when you strum?

45:35 How are you're new strings holding up?

46:25 Chunking Lesson

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  1. Aldrine, I really appreciate all the teaching you give us. I have watched many people on YouTube teaching how to chunk. I believe you are the only one who teaches the chunk by deadening the strings with the side of your full thumb. Everyone else says to deaden the strings using the fleshy base of the thumb and the meaty lower palm.

    I love your chunk but the others sound okay also to my ear. I can’t seem to get a good and consistent chunk using either method. I use my index finger to strum. At the bottom of my strum, my thumb position is about parallel or slightly below the strings. Using your method, I’d have to change the way I strum – I believe. Maybe it’s a case of more practice needed.

    Since almost everyone teaches the palm deadening chunk, what is the downside? They don’t loose any tempo with this method and it sounds to flow smoothly.

    I’d really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions!

  2. Just the tips I needed thanks! @Ukuleleunderground 🙂 By the way – I too have that fingernail sound concern with strumming – I have very short nails – but I appreciated hearing that question asked and might try to send video 🙂

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