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On this week's episode of Live Lesson Thursday, Aldrine talks about "jazz chords" and progressions, adding extensions to chords to give them more color, and using inversions to make your chord progressions sound more "jazzy". Also discussed in this lesson: substituting the relative major or relative minor for each chord in a chord progression as a way to make a song sound new, different, or for the purpose of songwriting.

Questions Asked this Week:
1:10 Can you talk about jazz chords and progressions?

9:40 Weekly Truck Beeps

23:50 Aldrine uses the chord family diagram.

26:20 Can you talk about the chords in One Note Samba?

27:40 Can you play Bandito Tyler and count out the beats?

31:15 Using relative minor/relative major substitutions.

Resources for this video:
UUU - Ukulele Music Theory Course
Ukulele Music Theory - Chord Families
Ukulele Music Theory - Simple Chord Extensions
Uke Minutes - Movable Major 7th Chord Shapes

Chilly Gonzales talking about Major/Minor Keys (here he is actually changing the entire song into a minor key instead of exchanging the major chords with their relative minors and exchanging the minor chords with their relative majors)

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