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We're back! Aldrine starts off this lesson by talking about Hawaiian vamps and how to alter them. Things get a little technical as our discussion progresses into music theory, but Aaron nicely sums it up with his "Jus' Press" mantra. Aldrine demonstrates a great exercise to practice bending notes, which brings us to a conversation about ukulele anatomy. We go over strings, action, adjusting a saddle, and end with the truss rod.

This Week's Challenge:
Uke Minute - How to Bend a Note

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Questions Asked this Week:
5:55 Can you talk about alternative vamps in Hawaiian music?

17:05 Bending a note.

22:55 Does bending notes detune your ukulele?

26:55 Can you bend a note down? (Pre-bend)

28:50 When would you start a riff with a bended note vs using a bend during the riff?

31:45 Does note bending change on different types of ukuleles?

36:55 What do you think of Fluorocarbon string?

40:25 What type of pick up are you using?

41:11 What are the pros and cons of low vs high action on an ukulele?

47:55 Do you hold chord shapes while playing only one note, and why?

51:50 When would you adjust a truss rod?

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