Lesson Description

Replay of the weekly Live Lessons for UU+ members.

Resources discussed in this live lesson:

How much Should I be Practicing a Day? (02:15)
Practice Sessions

Rhythm Excercises (05:55)
Uke Minutes 68 – Rhythm & Timing

Different Scale Exercises (08:30)
Ukulele Underground University - Music Theory

Sctucturing Practice (11:10)

Songwriting and Using Scales for Melody Lines (12:20)
Common Major Key Charts

Using Muting to Strengthen the Pinky (17:00)
Uke Minutes 20 – Pinky Mute!
Uke Mintues 78 – Pinky Exercises
Uke Minutes 81 – Pinky Exercise 2

Pinky Stretching Exercises (20:35)
UU+ Solos – Guava Jam
Uke Minutes 16 – Finger Stretching Warm-ups!
Uke Minutes 11 – In-to-Out Picking

Different Practicing Styles (25:10)
Chris Salvador's Masterclass

Practice and Jamming (31:35)
Fluke Ukuleles

Do People Jam on Kauai? (36:05)


  1. Me too. Last two were great! I really felt better practicing the way you suggested. I had kind of stopped practicing the chord progressions as ofted, and I can see how I need to always touch on it daily.

  2. As usual a great and informative session. Just what I needed to hear just now, how much to practise and how to structure it.

    Thanks Aldrine and the UU Guys.

  3. 02:12 How to practice? Warm ups, practice sessions, practicing with a metronome
    12:50 Creating melody lines, songwriting
    17:00 Practicing pinky muting to strengthen it
    20:55 F-chord extension to the 12th fret in Guava Jam, pinky stretching exercises
    36:00 Jamming with others

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