As if we haven't had enough excitement for one day, this week's episode rolls around with a blazing hot strum technique: the 5-Finger Roll! *Que 70's style Kung-fu music* Don't let appearances fool you - this handy uke party trick may seem simple at first glance, but try it for yourself and you'll realize that it may take some practice. (But what technique would be any good if it didn't require a little practice?). Give it a shot, then let us know what you think!


What Should I Learn Next?
"8 Finger Roll"
"10 Finger Roll"


  1. Can you rest the pad of your index finger against the pad of the thumb or would this restrict it too much do you think ? Not tried it yet and don’t want to get into restrictive habits so concerned about varying what you say.

  2. would it be the same if i made my pointer finger go first after my thumb goes up then all my other fingers follow after..

    it’s kinda like opposite of using the thumb then pinky etc.

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