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This weeks Lesson was full of tech questions. Aldrine started things off by talking about port holes, its purpose and his opinion on them. We also discussed various brands of ukuleles and places to purchase them, while Aldrine prefers symmetry and a clean classic look, Aaron gravitated to the funkier side. Aldrine shared his stance on real vs fake fingernails for ukulele playing, and Kahai shared his interesting approach to nail care in general. We moved along to the two finger roll, a technique developed and perfected by Aldrine. He demonstrated the finer points of the technique and explained why he uses it. Finally we wrapped things up with some string talk, a few announcements, and a friendly visit from our lawn mowing neighbor.

Starting next Thursday, we will be redoing and streaming Ukulele 101. Watch it Here, live at 1:00 PM HST. After Ukulele 101, we will be having our normal Thursday Live Lessons at 2:30 PM HST. Please feel free to join us for both. See you next week!

Last Week's Challenge:
Uke Minutes - Strum to Fingerpicking

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:55 What are your thoughts on port holes?

17:15 What is NAMM? Can the public attend?

23:25 Should I switch from a concert ukulele to a tenor?

27:45 Do you grow out your fingernails or do you use fake nails?

32:35 Can you talk about the two finger roll?

39:35 What ukulele will have more resonance?

42:50 How do you get more sustain?

References/resources for this video:

(Ukuleles with Port Holes)
Website - Boulder Creek Riptide Ukuleles
Youtube - Riptide Ukuleles at NAMM 2016
Website - Chuck Moore Ukuleles
Website - DeVine Ukuleles

(What is NAMM?)
Website - NAMM
Youtube Playlist - Ukulele Underground 2016 NAMM Coverage

(Ukulele Brands)
Website - Cordoba Ukuleles
Website - Oscar Schmidt Ukuleles
Website - Islander Ukuleles
Website - Kala Ukuleles
Website - Lanikai Ukuleles
Website - Ohana Ukuleles
Website - Pono Ukuleles
Website - Ko'olau Ukuleles
Website - Koaloha Ukuleles
Website - Fluke Ukuleles

(Where to Buy Ukuleles)
Website - Mim's Ukes
Website - The Ukulele Site
Website - Flea Market Music

(Two Finger Roll)
Uke Minutes - How to Roll on the Ukulele
Ukulele 102 - Advanced Strumming Techniques (the two finger roll starts at 7:20)

(Ukulele Strings)
Website - Savarez Strings
Website - Aquila Strings
Website - Worth Strings
Website - D'Addario Strings
Ukulele Webcam Sessions - What Strings Do You Use?

Aloha Friday Jam Live
Aloha Friday Jam Replays

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