Student Testimonials

After being gifted a Kanile’a K1 Tenor by my wife while on a trip to Hawaii, I began my ukulele journey. Despite a lifetime of piano, learning to play this simple instrument was a mystery! I began by seeking basic information online and eventually joined a local ukulele club (the Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society, BUMS).

In 2015, BUMS invited Aldrine and Aaron to perform at their annual SPRUKE ukulele festival. As an artist host, I saw “close up” the way they encourage and share ukulele wisdom. UU aloha was everywhere at SPRUKE with Aldrine’s constant personal interactions with beginners, experienced players, and performers.

Shortly after, I joined Ukulele Underground as a UU+ member. With UU+, I was able to engage at my own pace in the areas that interested me. With hundreds of Play-Alongs, hours of tutorials, along with group and private lessons through Zoom, members can interact personally with the UU team. UU+ has given me the tools, incentive and support to perform songs and ukulele arrangements that I would otherwise not have attempted. I find every session on UU is exciting, interesting, educational, and fun whether participating or just “hanging out.” I unreservedly recommend Ukulele Underground.

Jim Bills
Brisbane, Australia

Having been captured by the idea of learning to play the Ukulele while vacationing in Hawaii, I brought a nice instrument home – with no idea how to get started or progress. Then a friend recommended that I check out your web site, and I recognized immediately that Ukulele Underground is exactly what was needed! Even this aging beginner (with little talent) felt right at home in no time, and it has been a real joy and a boatload of fun to be able to take excellent classes, learn great songs and access so many useful resources – all in one place. It’s as if Aldrine and the crew live next door and can come over for a private lesson anytime, at my convenience. What could be better than that??

Thanks so much for everything you do to support your students and share the love. Ukulele Underground is the BEST!

Mike Shapiro
Missoula, Montana

My name is Francesca Biagi and I live in Rome, Italy. I am a jazz vocalist, and I started to play the ukulele few years ago, inspired by the great musicians of the 1920's and 1930's. I have found the UU on U-Tube, the "Uke Minutes" by Aldrine Guerrero. I, then subscribed to UU, because Aldrine's teaching was easy to understand, and among all the others web tutorial, the most detailed in terms of images. I, then, have planned a personal "daily routine" (beside others I was doing in my daily exercises), including strumming, scales, picking, chords inversions etc. From that moment on, my playing has improved in terms of quality of sound and self-confidence. The great opportunity anyone can have with UU is to be able to learn at any level and at any age, from absolute beginner to advanced! The staff which include Aldrine, Ryan and Aaron is very helpful and professional. They are a great team, very prompt about answering any doubts or questions. The ukulele daily practice supported by the UU is the key to playing any song you want to.

Francesca Biagi

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU AND MAHALO” for all you folks have provided me in my efforts to play the Uke! You have been VERY instrumental (pun intended ) in helping me progress my skills to the point where I feel comfortable picking up my uke and strumming (or finger picking) along with numerous songs. I have also been able to follow sheet music, using both the printed notes and tabs.
Through your courses I have learned cords, fingerpicking styles, strumming patterns and several different genres of music that can be played on the uke. The more I practice the more I enjoy this fun, versatile instrument.
I really appreciate your easy to follow online classes. They allow me to master the technique being shown and then move onto the next class, all on my time with no pressure. I also like that I can watch any class or demonstration numerous times until it is successfully incorporated into my playing.

Roger Krause

Finding UU online was the best thing to happen to me in my attempts to learn to play more than just basic ukulele. Using the starter exercises and practicing as I was supposed to. Enabled me to pick up to a level of play that now, I play in public (before it was only at home). Coupled with the further advanced song videos on You Tube, I feel like more of a musician than ever before. I did attend a few local seminars in my area of Washington State and with UU's background already done these other classes were learned successfully. Could not have gotten there without you folks. Keep on training we the members of UU, learning is a life long thing, a degree, certificate or diploma doesn't mean you are done, just ready now for higher learning.

Jim Duff

Just got my ukulele for Christmas and it is undoubtedly one of the best presents I have ever received. Even better was when I found Ukulele Underground! I like what you offer in lessons - your basics are geared toward the true beginner. Though I have played the piano and understand reading music, counting, etc. I knew very little about fretboards, picking or even strumming!! Got some basic chords down and know a little bit more about rhythm and strumming and notes on the fretboard in the eleven days since Christmas and I'm having so much fingertips are constantly tingling but, I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN!

Thanks for the effort you put into Ukulele Underground - I really appreciate it.

Marcy Drapes

I love Ukulele Underground. I came upon it accidentally when I was first learning and I've improved so much! You can play along; the chord diagrams right there on the screen. Before you know it, you're playing at tempo--I'm talking minutes, not hours! They choose cool songs with good arrangements. My favs are Fly Me To the Moon, Thinking Out Loud, and I Saw the Light. Thank you, Ukulele Underground!

Michele Kilroy

First I want to thank you for your outstanding lessons and website. Your on line instruction is the only instruction I have received during the three to four years I have been playing. Even though I have not been as diligent in taking the lessons you offer, I am now very comfortable jamming with friends playing guitar and keyboard. Also, my wife and I walked the Camino de Santiago (500 mile walk across Spain) earlier this year. I brought my travel Uke and my iPad. Every night was concert night as I played and other Pilgrims on the Camino sang. I discovered I was very comfortable playing any song that I had heard before if I could find the tabs on the internet (even had a German woman request Que Sera Sera, Doris Day, are you kidding me?)

Your instruction is well thought out and easy to follow. The Solo Secrets completely changed my approach to songs. I use the Uke Minutes to fill five minute breaks in my work day. And, your song lessons have provided me with quite the repertoire to share with friends who visit our home.

Believe me, I get frustrated when it doesn’t come instantly. Also, Aldrine makes it look and sound so easy. However, with work and persistence I can at the very least have it sound correct and people recognize the songs I play.

Les Whitney

Since I saw this instrument I was attracted by it and I said to myself I was going to learn how to play it.

This idea was on my mind until one day I was in London and I found an ukulele in a market, i bought it without knowing anything about it.

Next step was to find info about it and all of a sudden I got into the Ukulele Underground website. I watched some videos and found out that they can teach you how to play it.

The videos convinced me and I wrote to Ukulele Underground and it was easy to get in touch with them. I enrolled to Aldrine´s classes and this is how I started playing songs.

Aldrine and his friends do a wonderful job, having him as a teacher it´s easy to learn, the way he teaches is easy to follow his lessons with no problem.

I highly recommend this way of learning. Get in touch with them You won´t regret it for sure. You will learn how to play the ukulele in a very easy way.

David Young (in Spain)

You guys really deliver a wonderful product. I am over 60 and truly enjoying my ukuleles. I have learned so much from the videos that allow me to learn and practice at my own pace. Your song choices in the library are fun and I definitely increased my knowledge with the music theory lessons. Keep up the good work!

Jill U

I’m responding to your email to thank you, and to let you know what a huge help your website Ukulele Underground has been in learning to play the ukulele. My family bought me my first ukulele a few years ago and I didn’t have a clue how to play it. I searched online and found the Ukulele Underground website and that was just what I needed. Your website has all the information and resources that a budding ukulele aficionado needs. The way the information and technique is presented is so easy to understand and just plan fun. I’m playing songs I never thought I could possibly play, and am having a blast doing it! Thank you for your time and effort in putting Ukulele Underground together and for your ongoing help in my quest to broaden my horizons and become the best ukulele player that I can be. When I’m playing my ukulele, I am one with the universe.

Tim Seals

I first picked up a ukulele because I travel a lot and wanted to get back into playing my bass. The original idea was to just retune it and use it like a mini bass to practice whilst I was on the road! What I discovered was a whole new world where music was more fun and I was playing my first song within minutes. UU was one of the first sites I found and though I look at many others UU is still a favourite. Why? Many of Aldrines lessons cover a wide range of abilities, you start with the basic chord shapes, and take it as far as you want, strumming, picking, it's all there in one lesson. You are not treated like a 5 year old and my favourite feature is the option to swap between the lesson video and the play along version. Great site, good lessons, lots of good songs. 3 years later I'm still learning, now have my original Stag uke (which sounds really good after a few years of playing in! I also recently put 'living water' strings on it which really suit it) I have a Moselele, (Bamboo semi acoustic retailed from the Mosely group in the UK) really nice tone, built in tuner and excellent value for money, a Uke bass, rubber strings, good for practice but poor when amped and my latest addition is a Dallas C Banjolele @ 1950's when we had the George Formby craze.
Best thing about the Ukelele is that you can play it in minutes but spend a lifetime improving and never get bored. Thanks guys, your passion is inspiring.

chris garrett

Hi guys, so easy to tell other people about UU.
It is clean efficient , love the videos are clear, direct well thought out.
UU caters for different levels,is intuitive,
You guys make it easy and fun to learn, l am practicing almost daily and have been inspired when l saw Aldrine in Brisbane with his energy, l have been playing ukulele for just 9 months and UU has inspired me like nothing else....
Thanks a million, l feel l have received more than what l have paid.

Milo Milosevic

I'm so impressed with your work and your website I just had to send a testimonial. And I NEVER do that kind of thing. But, your UU website is really so special and so good I really had to. I was given a uke by my uncle and took a couple lessons (really, a couple). That go me barely started. Then I found your site and was blown away.

Your material is so well organized and presented. And the song library is great. I learned a simple tune and took my laptop in to play along with and showed my teacher. His response? "Oh my gosh, you don't even need me!" Now, I'm only using your site.

I was a music major (violinist) in college and taught in public schools for years. But I didn't know fretted instruments at all. I'm starting a ground zero like most everyone else. The reason I mention this is that I know a good lesson when I see one. And your stuff is great!

Best of all is the fun and positive attitude that jumps off your site. It's very motivating. Keep up the extraordinary work!!!

Joel Keller

Not only have I vastly improved my confidence in just 2 months of playing but my husband, who had never played any instrument in his life and thought he could never play, picked up a Uke and is playing along and practicing with me!!! We're hitting the beaches of New Zealand, strumming easily along!

Marie D.

Ukulele Underground has been an invaluable resource in my musical development. For years I just played around on the ukulele on my own, but never made too much progress. UU's systematic lesson approach gave me the framework that I needed to make real progress with my playing. Before I knew it, I was improvising and doing things I never thought I would be able to do on the ukulele. I am very happy that I took the plunge and invested in myself by becoming a member of Ukulele Underground. Thank you guys so much!

Oz Pariser

I fell in love with your island when I visited in 2010-2011, and really wanted to have something to remember it by. I picked up a ukulele when I first visited, and struggled with learning chords, etc. But then I found the "Ukulele Underground" site - it was perfect for me. I was not musically trained; played no instruments. The sequences of lessons on has access to on the site have been just great. I go back to those UU lessons again and again, as my playing matures.

Here’s a little video :

After awhile of learning mostly off the UU site, I became confidant enough to try to learn songs I came across on the web. For example, “If I had my Life to do Over” was one such song. I heard a version played by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band (a version which is great, by the way), and found the chords (probably off the “guitar guy” or "JazzStandards” or “traditional music” site (?); note that the words & music are by Henry Tobias & Moe Jaffe; ~1939). I play it in G, the original is in “C".

The first portion of the video shows how I first played it, after a few months of practice (excuse the singing!). Pretty simple strumming, little embellishment.

But, as I advanced on the UU site, you guys taught me more about beats and strumming techniques; about using chord inversions to introduce “interest". And, through Aaron, Ryan and Aldrine and the UU site, I was also introduced to some of their “friends” (such as “Dominator"; "the Baron", etc); and have greatly benefitted from listening to their music and styles, as well (Mark Occhionero is another person, whose playing educated me).
All those UU lessons, and practice, have given me confidence to make my playing a bit more complex. The second sequence in the video shows how I now play the song. I hope you will see (hear!) that it is "more interesting” now, and (maybe) agree that it is more “musical”, too.

I cannot play it with the quality that the “Preservation Hall” band does, of course, but I’m pretty happy now with my efforts, and every few months, when I return to play this piece, I change it a bit more, and enjoy it even more.

I still set goals for myself. For example, I do not solo as much as I want to, and that is my task for next year. So, back to the UU site to capitalize on Aldrine's hints for how to develop that ability!

To Aldrine, Ryan and Aaron: you guys make a difference - Thanks so much!

Steve DiNardo

If you're like me and so many of us, you've fallen in love with the ukulele at first strum! Now, you want
a uke or another and another, and you want more instruction, advice, or just want to take your playing to a new level.
Ukulele Underground offers everything I was looking for to help and inspire me to go the distance with my uke. I was
so impressed with the amount and quality of instruction that I signed up for a full year! Aldrine and the guys are also fun and personable that it sometimes feels like a private lesson. I can't thank you guys enough!

Jana Brownlee

I always get help when needed.
Questions answered...
Tutorials are clear and presented slow so a student can catch it and run with it. The site is set up very nice. Easy to get around. I'm in my 50's and not a computer wiz and think it's easy to move around the
site. Aldrine is actually capable of making music theory somewhat interesting to me too!
I know! Music theory! Who'd a thunk!
I'm in my second year and moving along nicely. I try to make the time to play and learn. I've been playing for 2 years now and consider myself an intermediate player because I haven't fully completed the advanced lessons yet. They take a little more time. I go back every so often and review lessons so I learn it solid. I love that I can go back and review at my own pace.

So.... A thank you goes out to the whole UU crew for being there for me when I have questions.
The whole UU crew ROCKS the tutorial world.
Don't go anywhere! You are doing great with what you created.
Thanks again!

Julie Pologruto

It's a pleasure for me to tell you how much I love Ukulele Underground. I learn a lot with you. Your videos and tutorials are wonderfull and help me a lot to improve .I recommend absolutely your website. I'm French and all I can add is :BRAVO! and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Véronique Dussoul

Thank you to Ukulele Underground. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy the ukulele but, with the help of Ukulele Underground videos, you can learn to really have fun with the uke. Aldrine Guerrero is a gifted and inspiring teacher. You don't have to be a young introductee to the uke. At 86 years old I love using my uke for "therapy" to escape the many pressures of life.

Stan Roller

I can't say enough good things about UU. I love the university and song videos. By far, Ukulele Underground offers the best instruction on the internet. UU videos make learning fun. Aldrine, Ryan, and Aaron capture and convey the aloha spirit of our beloved little instrument.

Susan Earnest

First of all sorry for my English.
I am 55y.o. Russian man and I Played guitar during all my life since school age.
Suddenly my grandson gave a present for his 2nd birthday - the simplest ukulele. It was interesting to touch it. Then I bought an ukulele for my own gretsch 9120. I fall in love in the instrument like never before.
Thanks God I met UU in the web. I don't know how deep you are helpful for beginner but for me you was unbelievable useful! I sat at your site 5-8 hours a day every day 3 month straight.Thank you very much guys!
You are doing a great mission!

Victor Solilov (in Russia)

I had been taking ukulele lessons once a week for about a year and practicing almost every day. I felt that I had reached a point where I needed another teacher. That is when I turned to Ukulele Underground and began with a year long subscription. On my first few lessons, which I purposely went to the beginner stage on, I techniques on how to move from one chord to another and I learned a strumming technique that has proven to be most beneficial in making much better sounding music.

The beauty of the UU is that you can stop any video in midstream and practice what has been taught, and then replay the video to make sure you mastered the technique that is being taught.

I feel my learning curve has taken a much needed upward tick since enrolling in the online classes. I highly recommend it to anyone who is learning the ukulele.

Dan Coles

I was a complete beginner when I discovered Ukulele Underground . I was looking for lessons to allow me to play songs quickly but also to acquire a good technical level with my ukulele. Unfortunately, it didn't exist and still doesn't exist in France.
After several verifications, I took a one year subscription with UU and I can say that it was really a good decision.
Ukulele underground offers high standard lessons and videos with a fun team speaking an English easy to understand for non native people.
Everything is done seriously without being too much serious or boring. Aldrine is the coolest teacher I have ever had.
After one year of practice, I can play many songs and I can even play my uke in all positions on my couch.;)
I continue working with pleasure on the new songs posted by UU.
Many thanks to the UU team for all that.

Philippe Lemeu

I would like to take this time to thank Ukulele Underground and to share some feedback on my experience over the last couple years. It has been absolutely fantastic! Everyone at UU are very helpful and genuinely interested in seeing me progress as a player. The videos are very easy to follow and the membership is very well worth it. I love how I go at my own pace on my own time. With my busy life ukulele has been a great outlet for me to relax and decompress. I would say to anyone new to ukulele, enjoy relax and have fun! I am always happy when I am playing. Take it at your own pace be patient. Ukulele underground is an awesome place to learn. I am so far from Hawaii where these guys are but I feel connected to them. Thanks guys for all you do and for making my ukulele journey awesome!

Joe Hayes

All my life I wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument. I was surrounded by many friends who played different instruments, I could only play a Gazoo. When I retired over twelve years ago I decided to try to and learn how to play the ukulele. After all, it only had four strings it 'couldn't be that hard'.

So I purchased a $100 uke and after a day or so I was hooked. I stumbled on Ukulele Underground and I was off and learning. I became a UU member and watched every episode of "Uke Minutes" over and over that Aldrine posted.

The more I learned the less I knew but I was able to strum and play many songs with the aid of Aldrine's postings. It has been a wonderful journey with my ukuleles. I have never had any formal music lessons and I don't know how to read music either, but now I play in Ukulele groups and have performed on stage which is something that I ever dreamed of or expected.

David Duncan

When I first started to learn the ukulele, I was ill waiting for an operation, I was bored at home all day so I decided to learn a musical instrument, I decided to play ukulele because I also suffer from a sort of arthritic condition in my hands, the uke was smaller than a guitar with less strings so I thought I would give it a go,

I then discovered the fantastic UU website, straight away I was picking up tips from the guys online at the UU forum, there was a wealth of knowledge to be gained, I enrolled on Aldrine's fabulous course and learned a hell of a lot from Aldrine, I always visit this brilliant website on a daily basis, I am still learning and picking up vital tips on how to become a better ukulele player

I joined UU in 2011, and because of the help and tips I learned from the site, I decided to start a ukulele club in my city, now nearly 5 years later it is still thriving, albeit without myself and the guy (who I met through, yes you've guessed it UU) who first started it because we now have work commitments, which stops us attending

I also started a band with some of 'The Swansea Ukulele Club' (The club I helped form) we call ourselves 'The Ukoholix' and we have been gigging constantly since 2012, we have raised literally thousands of £££££ GBP for a number of different charities both in the UK and Worldwide, the band just keeps going from strength to strength

The point of writing this letter back to you is to say a big thank you to all the UU guys because if it hadn't been for you guys none of this would have ever happened, I would never have achieved these things with your brilliant website, it is amazing the amount of peoples lives you have helped and changed without even knowing it, keep it up guys you are THE BEST

Warmest Regards

Richard (kaizersoza)

Richard G.

No one should give the gift of a ukulele without including a subscription to UU+.As a relatively new player about 6 months, I find the lessons and courses on UU+ to be priceless, the site is packed full of relevant information. I especially like the Essential chord course. The price of a one year subscription to UU+ is less than I pay my private instructor each month!

Sue Moravec

It is now just over a year since I discovered Ukulele Underground and it has made an enormous difference to my life.
By painstakingly following all the beginner and intermediate videos , not only have I learned to play the ukulele but I started by own group....SHOOGLELELE

It has allowed me put something back into the local community by playing to folks in care and retirement homes.( Eleven Gigs in 2015). The joy than this small instrument can bring to people is truly amazing.
All it takes is a little practice every day and good instruction from you guys at Ukulele Underground.

I have nothing but praise for the work you do and have no hesitation in recommending your methods and website to anyone who wishes to learn to play this marvelous wee instrument.

Best wishes and continuing success

Douglas Scott

I would like to say 'great thanks for 2015 '.
I'm watching your video from Japan. I have improved my ukulele tech, last year. and also enjoyed your video, your works.

Koichiro (in Japan)

I'm so glad I found you guys ! way better than what I got for an hour lesson at $60 per hour locally !

Eric B.

some great tips n tricks I have learned a lot frrom this course (Ukulele 101), now to keep practicing the rolls, chunking and muting, thanx Aldrine

Richard Gent

Aldrine and all at UU, absolutely fantastic course. You have made it very easy for an older woman of 58 years to get her brain around this wonderful, happy instrument. Great job. Here I go to 102!

Loraine Wallace

Today I completed UU 101. Before taking these lessons taught live by Aldrine, I had been working on my own with several instructional books. Being completely new to playing music, I was making modest progress, but finding some concepts difficult to understand. I am amazed at the progress I have made during the 10 weeks of the UUU 101 course. The course is designed for beginners and takes you logically through steps that give you a solid base of skills and knowledge to begin your Ukulele journey. Aldrine is a skilled teacher with the ability to design succinct lessons that will have you strumming and singing by the end of Lesson 10 without getting sidetracked or bogged down along the way. The value of what is received at Ukulele Underground University is well worth the tuition. Thanks UUU !

Steve “Sweeper” on UU

HUGE thank you for all the work you guys are doing! Living in Nebraska it can be hard to find anyone who takes the uke seriously. I had always been a "play by numbers" kind of guitar player, but it wasn't until i met my first ukulele that I realized this is the instrument for me. Your site is hands down the best ukulele resource out there! All the technique and music theory lessons have taken my playing to another level and given me a greater appreciation of music in general.

Doug Kluver

Music Theory 101 opened my mind up to my ukulele, and music. For 2 in a half years I was picking around on the uke totally unaware of the science behind it. I took a stab at learning theory on my own but everything I found sounded like gibberish to me. Thanks to this class I now understand the basic components of music theory. My ukulele playing went from making noise to actually making my own music. Aldrine really does a great job of getting the content across to you and he's always willing to help you on something you might not understand. It's really like a classroom. I paid more attention in this class than any of my REAL college classes. I even bought a note book!

Colin Coleman

I recently had the pleasure of taking Aldrine's Ukulele 101 class and was very impressed. I'm a 68-year-old retired teacher who has been playing the Uke for a little over a year. Aldrine has that rare ability to break down complex information into small bits, and then give us time to let us try out our new knowledge before moving on. An excellent teaching model. Thank you for the class; I've really looking forward to more.

Sara Megling

I love the UU+ Membership. I just watched [Ukulele] 101 and [Ukulele] 102. I am a self taught guitar player for many years now, and I have been in chorus for 15 years. I have never understood music theory so quickly and easily ever. I can't wait to watch music theory now. Thank you for helping out my uke. I can't wait to start a uke club in my area! It is all possible because of Ukulele Underground.

Jason Beyer