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This week's Live Lesson is a mixed bag of topics. First off, Aldrine explains how to do his trademark strum that he uses in song lessons. Kahai gives some insight as to why Aldrine uses his fancy roll to demonstrate chords. Then we briefly cover the tricky E chord, before moving on to a discussion about blues scales. A question about the making of our Play Alongs sparks a lively conversation; Aaron sheds some light on a few filming secrets and Aldrine reveals the exact moment he lost his shame. Finally we cover one student review, before ending on tricks to improve the vibrato.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:35 What is the strum that you use to show chords in lessons?

4:55 How do you play the E chord without muting the A string?

9:00 Can you use Blues Scales over other genres of music?

12:30 Can you use notes outside of the "Box" to Solo?

17:15 How do you get studio quality recordings when you film Play Alongs?

23:10 Student Review

28:20 What is the trick to vibrato?

References/resources for this video:

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