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This Week on Live Lesson, Aldrine talks about how to practice Singing and Playing and how to cleanly play harmonics. Also discussed in this episode: Up Chunks, how to play a chunk on the up beat, new features on UU+, and How Aldrine would use UU+.

Questions Asked this Week:
3:00 Any tips for playing and singing at the same time?

10:35 Singing and finger picking at the same time.

13:30 How Aldrine would use UU.

18:40 Any tips for getting harmonics to be crisp and clean?

22:30 Can you do an up chunk?

References/resources for this video:
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Singing and Playing - Beginner Video Course
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Uke Minutes - Singing and Fingerpicking at the Same Time

Uke Lesson 99 - Little Wing
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Techniques Lists Under Song Lessons
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Essential Chords Course 2
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