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On this Week's Live Lesson, Aldrine goes over how to insert fingerpicking into strumming, what keys are easy to play in, and using a capo on guitar to play ukulele chords. Also discussed are fingerpicking exercises, using ghost notes and other techniques for strumming, and the live jam session.

Questions Asked this Week:
1:40 Fingerpicking and strumming at the same time.

26:25 Are some keys easier than others?

29:20 How do you play ukulele chords on the guitar?

37:35 How do we set a private lesson with you?

References/resources for this video:
Uke Minutes - In to Out Picking
Barre Chords and Fingerpicking Course
Uke Minutes - How to Create Fingerpicking Patterns
Uke Minutes - Strum to Fingerpicking
Fingerpicking Basics Course
UUU 102 - Basic Fingerpicking

Uke Minutes - Ghost Notes
Uke Minutes - A String Ghost Notes
Matt Dahlberg's Website
Matt's Youtube
Kalei's Masterclass
Imua Garza's Masterclass
Pure Heart - Bodysurfing (HI Sessions)
Podcast with Taimane Gardner

Solo Secrets Revealed

Ukulele and Guitar diagram
Music Theory Course

Technique Check
Live Lesson Questions in the UU+ Forum
Send Questions to Questions@ukuleleunderground.com
Let us know what time is most convenient to do live shows uumerch@gmail.com

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