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In this week's episode of Live Lesson Thursdays, Aldrine talks about how to figure out a strumming pattern for yourself, how to create a strumming pattern that will match a song based on the rhythm and other cues from the song itself. Also discussed in this episode: moving forward in your ukulele abilities, getting over seemingly "impossible" gaps in your playing, approaching new techniques or playing styles with a beginners mind, and the clawhammer technique.

Questions Asked this Week:
3:00 How to figure out strumming patterns.

10:50 Why don't you include beat counts in the Play-Along?

17:25 Applying the same strumming pattern to different songs.

26:30 How do you progress when you feel like the next step is so far?

34:10 How to breakdown the pinky mute into bite sized learning chunk.

36:10 How to keep the ukulele steady while switching chords?

39:20 Can you do the clawhammer technique?

43:15 Can you play the ukulele standing without a strap?

References in this episode:
"Carioca" (song) - Question from Francesca about strumming rhythm
Uke Lesson 34 - Never Let You Go (Third Eye Blind) Play Along (with Karaoke lyrics)
Aaron Keim (The Quiet American) - Clawhammer Tutorial (and .pdf)

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