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This week's Thursday Live Lesson features our favorite sub, Matt Dahlberg. Matt covers a lot of ground as UU members fire away with a variety of questions. First, Matt reviews the tremolo and offers some detailed advice to help with the technique. Next Matt explains why he uses his thumb and middle finger for some alternate picking. He also discuses soloing in general and in Blues music. Matt shares his unique take on practicing and the benefits of "noodling", as well as the adjustments he needed to make to play the ukulele with larger hands. He offers some interesting advice for the tricky E chord, involving "the break angle" of knuckles, and answers many more question. With Kahai manning the chat room, we of course finish things off with the obligatory food mention.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:40 How to do a tremolo.

12:30 Why do you use your thumb/middle finger for the Game of Thrones song?

14:20 What songs are good for practicing hammer-ons and pull-offs?

15:55 What is the difference between soloing on one string vs soloing within the "pocket"?

18:10 How do you know what modes to use while you solo?

21:00 How do you get a louder tone when doing an up-pluck during a tremolo?

22:40 Can you tremolo while using a thumb pick?

25:10 Matt's goes more in depth with the tremolo.

26:35 How do you figure out the key of a song?

29:50 How do you hold the E chord?

33:45 Can you do some blues in different keys?

36:05 How to practice hammer-ons and pull-offs.

36:40 How do you structure your practice sessions?

41:15 Any tips for multiple note techniques like the double pull off?

44:30 How do you build finger speed?

45:45 What adjustments did you have to make for playing the ukulele with large hands?

48:50 How do you avoid your nail catching on the string during tremolos?

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