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On this week's lesson, the guys had fun talking about the magic of musicians playing together, but first Aldrine answered a few questions. He demonstrated an alternate picking for our short nailed friends, offered some feedback on a student review, then he got a little tripped up with the triplet strum. Aldrine redeemed himself by initiating an excellent conversation about jam etiquette. Aaron talked about allowing others to play to their strengths, and gave some behind the scene information on the process of editing our 100th Uke lesson. Kahai pointed out the maturity of holding back as a musician, and thoroughly enjoyed the phrase "strum buffet" introduced by a member in chat. Aldrine had a great tip about using picking as a way to re-find the beat, and shared some of his do's and don'ts during jams. We finished the lesson marveling at the next generation of ukulele players, and revisiting the current giveaway.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:10 How do you do alternate picking if you don't have a thumbnail?

6:30 Student Review

12:25 Can you talk about triplet strums?

19:35 Jam Etiquette

23:15 Can you do riffs and fills between singing?

31:25 Playing to people's strengths

40:40 Giveaway Guidelines

Giveaway Guidelines: Detune 3 strings on your ukulele. Re-tune your ukulele using the one in tune string. Make a video of yourself re-tuning your ukulele, and post your video to Student Review. Use the subject heading of "Cling On Tuner Video". Entries will be accepted till the end of the month.

References/resources for this video:
Instagram - Jake and Manny

Ukulele 101 - Reggae Strums
Uke Minutes - Pinky Mute
Ukulele 101 (2017) - Strumming Patterns (Aldrine talks about swinging the beat)

Uke Minutes - Triplet Strum
Uke Minutes - The Flick (Matt's Version of the Triplet Strum)
Live Lesson - Replay (Aldrine talks more about the triplet strum)
Live Lesson - Replay (Matt talks more about the triplet strum or "Split Stroke")
Uke Minutes - Sextuplet Strum

Ukulele 101 (2017) - Playing with Others
Ukulele 102 - Finger Picking
Ukulele 101 (2017) - Right Hand Techniques

Uke Lesson - Seasons of Love
Youtube - Karlie, Willie K, and Aldrine
Uke Lesson - Valerie with Karlie
Youtube Channel - Karlie Goya

Aloha Friday Jam Live
Aloha Friday Jam Replays

Post Videos to Student Review
Live Lesson Questions in the UU+ Forum
Send Questions to Questions@ukuleleunderground.com

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