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This week's Live Lesson is a bit of a hybrid; the first half serves as the final week of Ukulele 101. Aldrine reviews the topics covered in the previous lessons. He discusses the importance of specific techniques, and how they can be used in application. He offers some advice on how to delegate your practice time, and emphasizes the need for keeping the ukulele fun. The second half of the lesson carries on like a typical Thursday Live Lesson. The guys take a variety of questions on scales, chord inversions, and warm ups. Aldrine offers some advice for knowing when to jump into a song, and wraps things up explaining how long it will take to become adept at the material in 101.

Week 1: Intro to Ukulele
1:20 The Use of Imagery (What we changed)
4:15 Your First Song

Week 2: Basic Ear Training
4:55 Tuning by Ear
7:20 The Importance of Ear Training

Week 3: Strumming Patterns
9:55 Quarter Notes and Eight Notes
14:40 Hand moving but not playing.
15:05 Making your own strumming patterns

Week 4: Right Hand Techniques
16:30 Finger Picking (Top to Bottom, In to Out)
18:00 New Chords (G7, C7)
20:00 Rolls

Week 5: Playing With Others
24:15 Simultaneous Playing & Playing Something Different
26:05 Basic Picking (Rest Strokes, Free Strokes, Arpeggios)

Week 7: Chords, Chords, Chords
31:45 Barre Chords (Bm7, C#m7)
34:05 More Chords (A, E7)
34:40 Question: Can you pinch barre chords so they don't sound dull?

Week 8: Rhythm Ear Training
38:05 Listening for Strumming Patterns
38:20 The Chunk
43:45 Question: What is an "up-chunk"?

Week 9: Creating Strumming Patterns
44:45 4/4 Time
45:00 Creating new strum patterns
46:10 3/4 Time

Week 10: Picking on the Ukulele
47:45 Left Hand Techniques and Combinations
49:40 Application
51:10 Question: Are there beginner fingerpicking songs on UU?

Week 11: Singing & Playing
53:05 Talking in Rhythm

Wrap Up
56:50 How to make the most of practice time.
1:02:15 The importance of practice and keeping it fun.

1:04:30 What's to Come

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Questions Asked this Week:

1:06:25 How do you practice scales and moving up and down the fretboard?

1:10:00 How do you practice chord inversions?

1:13:25 What are some warms ups to do before playing?

1:16:55 How do you know when to jump into a song?

1:23:55 How long will it take someone to be proficient at Ukulele 101?

References/resources for the review:

Ukulele 101: Week 1 - Intro to the Ukulele

Ukulele 101: Week 2 - Basic Ear Training

Ukulele 101: Week 3 - Strumming Patterns

Ukulele 101: Week 4 - Right Hand Techniques
Uke Minutes - The Roll
Ukulele 102 - Basic Finger Picking

Ukulele 101: Week 5 - Playing With Others
Uke Minutes - Free Strokes and Rest Strokes
Uke Minutes - Arpeggios

Ukulele 101: Week 6 - Review / Q&A

Ukulele 101: Week 7 - Chords, Chords, Chords
Uke Minutes - How to Hold Barre Chords

Ukulele 101: Week 8 - Rhythm Ear Training
Uke Minutes - How to Chunk
Aloha Friday Jam - Replays

Ukulele 101: Week 9 - Creating Strumming Patterns
Uke Minutes - Time Signatures
Uke Minutes - 3/4 and 6/8 Time Signatures

Ukulele 101: Week 10 - Picking on the Ukulele
Uke Minutes - Hammer Ons
Uke Minutes - Pull Offs and Hammer Pulls
Uke Minutes - Hammer-Pull Exercises

Ukulele 101: Week 11 - Singing and Playing
Course - Singing and Playing

Ukulele 100

Ukulele 101 - Original Course

References/resources for the Q&A:
Uke Minutes - Major Scales
Uke Minutes - Minor Scales
UU University - Music Theory
Webcam Session - How to Play Major Scales

Ukulele 102 - Alternate Chords (Inversions)
Master Class - Kalei Gamiao (Kalei discusses inversions)

Improvement Systems - Practice Sessions
Master Class - Chris Salvador (Chris coves various warm ups)
Website - Hal Kinnaman

Uke Lesson - Brown Eyed Girl

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