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On this week's mashup of Ukulele 101 and Thursday Live Lesson, Aldrine reviewed and elaborated on topics from the first 5 weeks of Ukulele 101. He emphasized the importance of good form, the value of ear training, and revisited right hand techniques as well as strumming patterns. Aldrine explained how all of these pieces tie together and allow you to play with others. Following the review, we opened the floor to typical Thursday Live Lesson anything goes Q&A . Aldrine took a wide variety of questions, ranging from practice chairs, to his favorite strings (wink wink), to harmonies, and 5 string ukuleles.

2:50 Week 1: Intro to Ukulele
3:50 How to Hold your Ukulele
6:55 How to Hold Chords

17:00 Week 2: Basic Ear Training
19:00 Tuning by Ear
22:20 Where is you thumb on the back of your fretboard?
23:50 Letting the neck of the ukulele sit on the pointer finger.
28:45 Am and Dm
31:30 Why is it important to recognize the difference between major and minor chords?

36:05 Week 3: Strumming Patterns
37:15 Quarter Notes and Eight Notes
40:10 Do you have any exercises to help with faster chord changes?

45:10 Week 4: Right Hand Techniques
45:15 Rolls
47:30 Fingerpicking
49:50 Do you still use an open chord between F and Dm?
51:15 Using the pinky to anchor fingerpicking.
53:22 G7 & C7

54:40 Week 5: Playing With Others
56:00 Simultaneous Playing and Playing Different Parts
57:30 Basic Picking
1:00:40 Using a recording device to help practice.

1:02:35 On the Next Episode

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1:04:30 Questions Asked this Week:

1:04:40 What kind of chair is best for practicing ukulele?

1:08:30 How can I take my playing to the next level while still having fun?

1:17:50 What is the difference between Low G, and High G?

1:20:35 How do you figure out two note harmonies?

1:23:50 Any tricks to find harmonies quickly?

1:26:57 Do you recommend any particular brand of ukulele strings?

1:35:10 Where can we get those strings?

1:36:00 Can you talk about the tremolo?

1:42:50 Are there any advantages of having a 5 string ukulele with high and low G?

1:44:50 How should you learn barre chords?

1:51:10 Giveaway Guidelines

Giveaway Guidelines: Detune 3 strings on your ukulele. Re-tune your ukulele using the one in tune string. Make a video of yourself re-tuning your ukulele, and post your video to Student Review. Use the subject heading of "Cling On Tuner Video". Entries will be accepted till the end of the month.

References/resources for the review:

Ukulele 101: Week 1 - Intro to the Ukulele

Ukulele 101: Week 2 - Basic Ear Training

Ukulele 101: Week 3 - Strumming Patterns
Webcam Sessions - How to Switch Chords Faster
Uke Minutes - How to Switch Chords
Webcam Sessions - Better Changes with the Open Switch
Uke Minutes - Movable Chord Shapes
Ukulele University - Basic Strum Course

Ukulele 101: Week 4 - Right Hand Techniques
Uke Minutes - The Roll
Ukulele 102 - Basic Finger Picking

Ukulele 101: Week 5 - Playing With Others
Uke Minutes - Free Strokes and Rest Strokes
Uke Minutes - Arpeggios

References/resources for the Q&A:

Uke Minutes - How to Create Finger Picking Patterns
Webinar - Deconstructing Chord Melodies
Full Course - Music Theory
Music Theory - Chord Families
Uke Minutes - Chord Families
Webcam Sessions - Ukulele Expression Tricks

Hawaiian Ukulele 101 - High G/Low G
Uke Minutes - Ghost Notes

Uke Minutes - Harmony (3rds)
Uke Minutes - C & A String Harmony
Improvement Systems - Mastering Your Fretboard

Website - AG x AQ Strings

Uke Minutes - Tremolo
Ukulele 103 - Tremolo Picking
Webcam Sessions - The 3 Finger Tremolo
Imua Garza's Master Class - The 3 Finger Tremolo

Uke Minutes - How to Hold Barre Chords

Post Videos to Student Review
Live Lesson Questions in the UU+ Forum
Send Questions to Questions@ukuleleunderground.com

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