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Hey Undergroundlings! Have you ever wondered, how the heck do people read tabs? In this episode, the one and only Dominator (of Dominator's Uke Tabs) stops by and explains the basics of reading ukulele tabs! How convenient!

As Dom explains:

1. To orient yourself, it may help to draw the headstock on the left side of the tab, and the body (facing you) on the right side of the tab. This way you can see that the top line is the A string (bottom string on your uke), the second to the top line is the E string, the second from the bottom line is the C string, and the bottom line in a tab is the G string (top string of your uke).
2. A number on a specific line corresponds to a fret on a specific string. So if a number 4 appears on the top line, you would play the fourth fret on the A (bottom string) of you ukulele.
3. Numbers that are stacked on top of each other (or in the same vertical line) are to be played or strummed at the same time. Numbers that are staggered are to be played one at a time from left to right.

There are many more notations that go along with tabs (ex. hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, etc.) but we'll save these for another episode. If you're excited and want to learn the ins and outs of reading ukulele tabs right now, just log into the UU Forum and click on the "Tabs" section. And for more awesome tabs of great ukulele songs, check out Dominator's site: Dominator Ukulele Tabs.

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Have fun, keep strumming, and stay safe this holiday season! Spread the joy of music wherever you go and the world will definitely be a better place.

-UU Staff

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