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Hello Mighty UUers! Saturday is here (and the start of Winter Break for all you young'ns) - Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with us! In this week's episode of Uke Minutes, Dominator and Aldrine (mostly Dominator) give us a tour of three basic picking techniques and how they are displayed in ukulele tabs.

Slides: s or / (also sl. below and an arc above, in Power Tab)
Hammer-Ons: h
Pull-Offs: p

So for example, in


You would pick the E string 8th fret, pick the A string 5th fret and hammer to the 7th, pick the A string 5th fret, then 7th fret, then 5th fret and pull off to the 3rd fret. Finally pick the E string 3rd fret and slide to the 5th (haha, name that tune!).

For more info on the Power Tab program and advanced notation in Power Tabs, check out this article about Tablature Symbols from the PowerTab website.

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Happy Holidays from everyone here in the Underground!

-UU Staff

What Should I Learn Next?
"Working with Tabs"
"Musical Direction"


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