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Hey UUers!

Ukulele tabs are a great resource for uke players trying to learn pickings or instrumental pieces on the ukulele. About a year ago, we asked our pal Dominator to explain how to read tabs and some basic tab notation to get you started. But in more advanced tab sheets, it's pretty easy to get lost in all the notation.

In this week's episode of Uke Minutes (and a few to come), Dominator takes you through the process of working with tabs and understanding how tabs show you where to go. Check it out and if you'd like to jump into the world of ukulele tabs, don't forget to visit Dominator's Uke Tabs!

Also - We just opened nominations for the 2009 Ukulele Underground Awards ("The Undies")! So if you've got a favorite video that you'd like to nominate, check out the categories and nominate away!

Hope this Holiday Season is giving you something good to strum about - have a great Saturday and rock that uke like your wish list depends on it!

-UU Staff


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