Alright UU Crew-members ... It's doesn't get much better than this. The Man, The Myth, The Legend - The Jake Shimabukuro (that's right, I put 'The' in front of his name, just because he's that awesome) - came around and hung out a bit with UU. So here it is, a very special episode of UKE MINUTES - PLUCK STRUM (with Jake Shimabukuro)!

Have fun with this technique, play around with it for a bit, and when you feel the time is right, log into our forum discussion about this episode and talk with some other cool people about it, too! Hope you enjoy chillin' it here with Jake (and when you see him, please don't give him a hard time about the fruit kabob thing). 😀

-UU Staff

Oooh, one more thing! If you're gonna be in the Honolulu area on August 12th, don't forget to stop by ALOHA TOWER MARKETPLACE (at around 4:30pm) for the UU Oahu Meetup. Aldrine will be there, along with Dino, Fred, Keonikapila, Experimentjon, and a bunch more peeps from the Underground. Aldrine will also be playing at Diamond Head Cove later that night, so come out and jam, then hang out for the show! Check out the thread for more info ...

What Should I Learn Next?
"Picking Technique: Tone"


  1. Been learning the Ukulele for the last almost 2 years and love it. love Uke minutes but it was totally cool to see Jake Shimbakuro in this video. Feels like a real special community full of joy.

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