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You've gone through the basics. You know how to strum your ukulele. You know how to pick your ukulele. But do you know how to "Strum-Pick"??

In this episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine breaks down the technique behind "Strum-Picking" (not to be confused with the Jake-approved "Pluck-Strum" technique). By muting the other three strings of your ukulele, you can isolate a note on one specific string and, using any number of the strumming patterns and techniques that you have learned, effectively "strum out" a picking. This provides added depth and percussive qualities to spice up any ukulele picking!

Remember, when muting the other strings, it is important to place the fingers you are using to mute the strings (either your thumb or pointer finger, here) gently over the strings you want to mute, so that when you strum, the strings do not ring out. This might take some practice (but that's nothing you can't handle, right?).

So, try out "Strum-Picking" for yourself and, as always, if you've got any questions, feel free to ask away in the UU Forum, or shoot an email to askaldrine(at) !

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Thanks for watching! UU Out!

- UU Staff

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