1. Hey Cristine,

      Aldrine has built the dexterity and flexibility in his fingers over many years of practice, so the bend in his finger is exaggerated. But you don’t need to bend it that much, you just need enough bend to get clearance on the string you want to avoid. In this Live Lesson Replay (~25:00) Aldrine talks more in depth on the subject. He demonstrates some exercises to help you practice bending your fingers, and offers some tips. The main thing is just give yourself some time and experiment with angle of your finger, the position of your finger on the fretboard, and if it really doesn’t happen, play around with some alternate fingerings. I hope this helps, and know that Aldrine couldn’t play a lot of chords when he started, but it eventually came with practice and time.

      -Kira (UU Staff)

  1. Too bad my ring finger can’t bend. It’s difficult not to interfere with the first string playing the E chord.

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